Customised Iron-on Embroidered Badges Hand Embroidered Patch Maker EB-012

Iron on fabric patches. Military patches are full of metaphor , from the colors used to the types of images portrayed.

Product Details

Iron on fabric patches



100% cotton, 100% polyester, nylon, twill, woven fabric, cavas, felt, etc.

Thread Type

Polyester thread, rayon thread, luminous thread, UV thread, metallic thread, etc

Thread Color

According to thread color chart or PMS number



Backing Option

Iron on, hard PVC, paper coating, adhesive tape, velcro backing, no backing,etc

Border Option

Merrowed, hand cut, heat cut, etc

Product Description

Military patches are full of metaphor, from the colors used to the types of images portrayed. White or silver means peace and sincerityyellow or goldsignifies generosityblue stands for loyaltyred for fortitude; and green for loyalty

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